Friday, July 22, 2022


 My experience at the voting location in Scottsdale, Arizona. The sign vote here was at driveway close to major intersection and a Circle K exit on a major street (Hayden).

INDIAN BEND WASH VISITOR CENTER 4201 N HAYDEN RD, SCOTTSDALE 85251. To get to center from parking lot is about ¼ of a block from handicap parking.

After I entered the building my ballot was taken and dropped in a receptacle.

I was not asked for identification when I asked why they didn’t ask for my ID was told it wasn’t part of the process when ballot dropped off it would be compared at SOS office.

When voiced my concern about the location and accessibility for handicapped and elderly, I was told they do have curbside.

The information is on a sign in parking lot with a number to call and someone will come out and bring you a ballot and pick it up for you. Could this be considered ballot harvesting?

However the sign isn’t at the entrance to the parking lot it’s at the very back, s if you don’t drive all the way into parking lot you won’t see it.