Saturday, April 16, 2022

What's UP with AZGOP/Republican Party of Arizona Series 1 Episode 1

My research started because I read the below articles. On AZGOP site was surprised to see that AZGOP headquarters had moved to Scottsdale. That the web site no longer boasted the AZGOP Logo and was now called Republican Party of Arizona. 

Republican Briefs 4-13-22…Readers can view the Arizona Attorney General’s 12-page interim report on the widespread fraud in the Maricopa County 2020 general election at

Nor was I able to locate the 12 pages referred to in the newsletter. However I was able to locate repeated request for a donation.

Republican Briefs 4-15-22 I asked the below question:

BARBARA ESPINOSA, former PC: When DID AZGOP move its office to Scottsdale?

Then I found out I wasn’t the only one asking questions.

Barbara Espinosa, a very politically knowledgeable lady, questions: When DID AZGOP move its office to Scottsdale? in today’s ‘Reader’s Speak Out’. Espinosa isn’t the only one questioning what is going on. Other readers have phoned Briefs, asking:

·       Whose decision was it to move from the long-time AZGOP HQ in Phx to the new Scottsdale location?

·       Did the AZGOP Exec Board approved the move to the Scottsdale location?

·       What is the rental fee on the new digs?

·       What has become of the Thomas Road HQ office that Jack London gave to the GOP years ago? Is it closed? Is it up for sale? If sold, where is the money?

·       Why haven’t PC and State Committeeman been kept informed?

·       Why is the AZGOP chair trying to change the AZGOP to the Republican Party of Arizona?

·       Why is the AZGOP chair attempting to establish an LLC under the “Republican Party of Arizona?

Questions sent to AZGOP Chair Kelli Ward go unanswered. What’s with all the secrecy? What happened to transparency? Here is Ward’s opportunity to provide readers/PCs/voters with answers to the questions most of them are afraid to pose directly to her. – ft

Republican Briefs 4-7-22

TRISTAN MANOS LD24-LD5 PC: Why, and by what authority, is one person, or more, taking action, in the name of the Arizona Republican Party, to establish an Arizona LLC in the name of something called the "Republican Party of Arizona?" Someone please explain. For the record, the rightful name of the organization is Arizona Republican Party, as per the historical archive of official documents, especially its own bylawsrelated financial documents, and a court case, subsequently changed to Republican Party of Arizona by the current administration without appropriate due diligence and authorization. Respectfully, please stop the Let's Go Rebrandin', and let's get back to basics. Also, it's plain and simple to see: Arizona Republican Party, by name, starting with Arizona, places the good and great state of Arizona, and its good and great people, first, where we all belong. Republican Party of Arizona, by name, starting with Republican Party, places the Republican Party, and the RNC and its people first. The Republican Party is for us to run, never to run us. This Let's Go Rebrandin' brought to you by someone who once ran on a great motto of "More AZ in D.C., less D.C. in AZ." Maybe, some people somehow rebrand themselves? Here's looking forward to an explanation, after the fact, albeit, in essence, a factual error, as for the name. Open to the idea and explanation justifying the establishment of an LLC, but the changing the name crosses a line. Word is the LLC idea may be planned for the county republican committees and legislative district committees. One may wonder what's going on, and why are We The PCs and State Committeemen among the last to get word about it. Contact: