Monday, November 29, 2021

The World Has Gone Insane VIDEO by Charles Long

I’m proud and fortunate to call Charles a friend. He’s one of a kind, warm, thoughtful and a loving human that the world would be less insane if there were more men like him. be

The production is from Charles Long a retired opera singer, conductor and author of Adventures in the Scream Trade: Scenes from an Operatic Life.

The music is from the musical Jekyll & Hyde. The compliment for the editing should go to Final Cut Pro and Apple for making such awesome software. 

Read an interview with Charles, and be amazed at his many talents.

Charles Long performed with some of America’s and the world’s most famous opera companies and sang alongside opera’s greatest stars. No­w retired, Long recounts many of those experiences in this baldly honest memoir. Sparing no one, especially himself, from his acerbic observations, he sheds light onto a world many of us admire but have only rarely encountered in such intimate detail. In the process he illustrates why the word “opera,” which means “works” in Latin, truly denotes a labor of love for so many who have given their all to the art.