Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Biden In His Own Words VIDEO

WittyName: So social media companies censor Trump and other conservatives for "inaccurate info" so he uses Biden's own words. Perfect.

If Biden's wife shows up to debate the President just send in the First Lady.


If Biden wins the election USA would be screwed.

mb Safronovitz

Trump Train for the TrumpNation!

Geert Matthys

A strong middle class is the only thing standing between serfdom like Middle Ages


I love how Donald Trump allows comments on his YouTube page while Joe Biden disables them. It shows which of the campaigns is more confident it can defend its message against critics. Even on YouTube, Biden is hidin'.

Cobarreli l

Is joe Biden being set up? Honestly he can’t be that dumb

Witty Name

Joe himself said THIS year he is running for US Senate so why would Trump need this ad and why would Joe need a VP?