Sunday, July 26, 2020

Revolution Behind the Riots on Many Fronts by Dr Ada M Fisher

July 27, 2020                         
Spectacles:  Ill Defined Blackness 
Dr Ada M Fisher 

As a show of total ignorance as well as blatant “cancel culture”, media bias against this present administration and blacks themselves, The Smithsonian National Museum for African American History and Culture in Washington DC bought into the craziness of those who are attempting to destroy and rewrite our history in displaying certain signs on a chart listing “whiteness:  Individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for
"hard work" and "rational linear thinking".  Thankfully such has since been removed.  Unfortunately, the plague of denigrating societal values of success in this democratic republic, as if blacks too do not exhibit such, may be beyond perceived racism, further contributing to why certain individuals fail to realize their dreams and goals.   

This desecration of monuments and violence associated with riots must not be allowed no matter the fault for the safety of our lives depends on it.  I know of few individuals who want to defund the police for it will leave our communities vulnerable to a frontal assault from those hell bent on anarchy and internal control. 

It is sad that too few African Americans are looking at who is behind the violence of the Black Lives Matter Movement and it isn’t us and may not be us in control.  In Durham, the dismantled statue of the southern confederate was done at the behest of the Communist Party.  So too are the Marxist, Socialist and Communist using blacks as a front for their own agenda which may not be in our best interest.  The respect being sought won’t be accomplished through legislation but reflects upon economic parity which cannot be achieved by words alone, but will require educational excellence and entrepreneurial investment in our communities which I have yet to hear articulated. An Equal Opportunity society, a concept promoted by Arthur Fletcher, Assistant Secretary of Labor in the Nixon Administration is one bastardized by Congress to keep from helping to open those doors.   
When the protestors came to my comfortable small town of Salisbury, NC, the only Wal-Mart in town was temporarily closed leaving no survival port for citizens in this storm.  Examining those misguided souls leading the resistance, I kept thinking we don’t own a farm cooperative, factory or other service which would allow us to meet our basic needs.  If they want to protest why not take up the mantle of the Black farmers whose lands have been unfairly confiscated.  If we are to buy black, is there a black owned Wal-Mart or even a car company so we don’t continue to buy foreign vehicles which put no money in our communities or provide the manufacturing jobs our folks need? 
By the way, do folks truly appreciate on Dec. 17, 2003, in the Oval Office, President George W. Bush signed into law legislation allowing the creation of a National Museum of African-American History and Culture as part of the Smithsonian Institution. This Republican’s foresight was one of many needed to begin to right some of the national wrongs, but what is happening now is not right.  It is most interesting that those interested in destroying our ways of living don’t seem interested in immigrating to Russia, Cuba, Venezuela or other nations subscribing to a government in which they seem vested.  Also note though our system of immigration is flawed, why are those from Socialist, Marxist and Communist nations so eager to get in and reestablish their previously abandoned lives here.   

James E. Jackson Jr., (1914-2007), a leader of the Communist Party USA for many years, began in political action at age 16 remaining an unwavering fighter for equality being the initiator of efforts which led to bus boycotts in Detroit, auto-unions, student nonviolent coordination demonstrations long before such was sanitized and reinstituted in the sixties. Foreshadowing these efforts led by the Communist Party, Jackson was one of the figures of the African American freedom movement, the progressive movement generally, and the Communist Party USA little discussed in Black History. In 1956, Jackson was among Communist Party leaders convicted under the infamous Smith Act for “conspiring to teach” sometime in the future “the overthrow of the government by force and violence.”                          Jackson argued that the concept of self-determination for a “Negro nation” in the Black belt of the South should be replaced with the current concepts of special compensatory measures to achieve full equality throughout the country. He contended that the struggle for African American equality is central to the struggle for democracy and progress in the country as a whole. His position prevailed.  He was awarded the highest honors of the USSR and was influential in the lives of W. E. B. Dubois, Paul Robeson and so many others imbued with a spirit of Black Nationalism.                                                                                                                                    As with others who talked of freedom, he left the Soviet Union and returned to the USA. The promises of other governmental foundations have not given to us the very freedoms enjoyed in this nation which their protégés are now trying to destroy. 

I never met this man who started much of what is now being seen; but his impact has been large upon my life, for as a distant cousin, his non-surface connection to my family (we were not of this ilk) caused us much scrutiny and denial of security clearances as well as opportunities in the real world.   

Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH is a former Medical Director in a Fortune 500 company, licensed teacher, retired physician, former county school board member, speaker, author of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Good for What Ails Us Book 1 (available through Amazon. Com) and is the NC Republican National Committeewoman.