Friday, July 31, 2020

@Living Spaces Promenade Scottsdale Arizona Questionable Follow Up Service

Living Spaces Scottsdale Arizona I bought a chair ($917.35)there for my birthday it was delivered on 7-24-20 by 7 27-20 I was trying to file a claim for shoddy workmanship. Was told a work ticket was started and a tech person (repairman) would contact me within 72 hours. As of today 7-31-20 No one has contacted me to repair chair from first complaint. On the 28th the chair broke down completely. I was sitting in chair reached down to lower the foot rest and chair threw me out and I landed on the foot rest close to seat. On 28th I submitted photo's of the second debacle. 
On the 30th I called Living Spaces you can only call a California number and they will not connect you to the store. Told Barbara the head of the warranty department the problem (I had sent photos of second debacle on the 28th) was informed she would do a report and a tech person would contact me 72 hours from the 30th. That's a total of 6 days and can't get a person to look at chair.

Should you have any further questions regarding your photo request, please call Guest Services at 1-877-266-7300 9am-9pm PST Mon - Sun.

   From: barbaraespinosa <barbaraespinosa >

Date: 7/29/20 8:26 AM (GMT-07:00)

To: Joe Mercado <>

Subject: RE: Hello

The chair in question needs to be picked up and returned to factory. I need to be given a credit back to my original card. I would not feel safe in the chair after the last breakdown. All photos can be viewed at.

   Of course I read your email first and now have listened to your message, I would be willing to do an exchange, however when I was in the store the one I chose was the only one I saw that size. I need the same size also it can't swivel or rock. I can make an appt with you on Friday to see what is available.

   From: Barbara Espinosa <barbaraespinosa >
Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2020, 10:48 AM
Subject: Re: Hello
To: Joe Mercado <>

I received your message on 7/27/20 after 6 emails and 10 phone calls with wait times up to an hour, and on the 10th call at 5:30 pm I reached a live person (Bianca) she started a tech support for me. The foot rest slants downward with foot rest closest to front of chair slants below foot rest close to chair. The chair only reclines in 1 position and if you go further back it makes into a bed. You can see the photos here

If it can't be fixed in my home I would like it sent back to factory for them to make the corrections. I was also surprised to learn that it's non-returnable. I paid almost $1,000.00 for a chair that I bought for medical reasons and am sorely disappointed in the construction of the chair. barbara Espinosa

   Date: 7/27/20 7:57 PM (GMT-07:00)

To: Barbara Espinosa barbaraespinosa

From: Joe Mercado <>

Subject: Hello

Hi Barbara, I left you a voicemail a few minutes ago, I just wanted to send you an email that you can reply to to reach me directly for contact regarding how you wish to proceed (IE: Exchange vs. repair)