Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Does Arizona US Senate Candidate Mark Kelly Have Ties to Communist China

Former Maricopa County GOP Committee Chairman Lyle Tuttle:
Lyle Tuttle
Houston, we have a problem! A wild-eyed liberal is running for the US Senate in our state. I am very concerned about Kelly’s ties to Red China, and I am not alone.

The Red Chinese company Tencent – one of the world’s largest internet enterprises, owner of WeChat – has invested an undisclosed sum of money into Mr Kelly’s Tucson Company, World View Enterprises.

So what, you might think. Here’s what: Prior to the Wuhan Virus outbreak, Tencent was ALREADY under intense US scrutiny – and, apparently for good reason. For example it seems their WeChat app – used by millions around the world – had been censoring key words used in the app mentioning the virus since the first of this year!

On top of that, several US Legislators have deemed Tencent an arm of the Chinese Communist Party and a threat to national security!

A US Bill now in process to PREVENT Chinese ESPIONAGE by prohibiting US Federal Employees from doing ANY business over ANY platforms operated by Tencent, Huawi, ZTE and other similar Chinese companies.

China is the world’s largest entity that practices espionage and theft of our national industrial and intellectual property on a daily basis! Why would ANYONE even CONSIDER voting for this man to serve in the US Senate? Printed with Permission