Friday, July 31, 2020

America Is Great MAGA Campaign Ad Video

Trump Campaign Ad That May Be Banned By Facebook - This Is A Keeper

Cheryl Ulakovic I needed to see and hear these words. I have been so depressed about what's happening to our country that it's hard to remember the good people that have done wonderful things for America.    Owen Grant Mark Zuckerberg was recently at congress and he assured them of his unbiased business practice. I didn't believe him. Susan Burris Our history is a diverse patchwork. Be proud America!!       Redeemed Sinner Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” 
 Patty Schmidt God Bless America !!!!!! Lone Ranger 22 Why would they ban an advert that sends a positive message to all? How can that be legal. 
 Peter Rea What possible reason would Facebook have for banning such a positive brilliant message from President Trump?
 Connie S. A not so perfect country that continuously improved itself. It has been proven. I vote for America. 
 John Fahey “I’m Corn Pop and I approve this message”. - Joe Biden 
 patricia Thomas It’s so Beautiful .I love it Dee Surry The Donald will win...Trump/Pence 2020. 
 Lisa Tolentino Why do facebook want to band it? I think this was beautifully done. Go President Trump! 
 Moe McGovern We Live in the Greatest Country Ever! God Bless America! 
 Bill Whittaker Nicely done, I’d have liked to have seen the clip of the two Falcon-heavy boosters landing simultaneously in there, but it may have been considered too commercial. 
 Barbara Literally got chills! 
 Dave Kramer I'm surprised that Google/YouTube didn't ban this Video also as it a complete opposite of their Socialist/Communist Thinking & Reta rick.... 
 Sheila B. DuBois This is beautiful!!! We need to keep our history in tact... that is how we learn from it.. not fight. 
 Jesus is Mine Mehn I wish I was an American!! I am feeling so proud right now even as a strong black woman. May God bless Trump and May God bless America! 
 Aindreas Mac Domhnaill The best thing the Irish ever built 😂👍🏻