Thursday, June 4, 2020

George Soros 'Paid Protestor' Opens Up To TYT! Video

Truth or Satire you decide

This guy's lying through his teeth. George Soros would NOT send this idiot a check signed by himself. He's just in this for his 15 minutes of YouTube fame.
J. L. Buckley
I've known about this for years. The media has NEVER addressed this and never will since Soros owns them as well. He sponsors protests and violence all over the globe. He lives in NYC and that's an outrage that he is not living and dying in a prison.
“It’s a difficult thing to explain”... without incriminating yourself.
They aren’t paid in checks. So dumb.
How does GS know how many friends he brought or if he even protested?
And who paid him to say this, do you think he would give up the cash
I can’t find anything about being a “paid protestor on the Soros website.
Anyone who would rather be skiing is not all bad. 😂
Most of us knew that and the Justice Department knows that, my question for the AG is now what are you going to do about HIM ?
It’s SATIRE folks. Laugh and go on. I gotta go cash my check too. See you all at the next riot.
Boy... he's bright.
Lol. The dude is making this up
This guy just gave up his life
He's lying about how he signed up. Go to the website and check it out yourself. Soros does back these people, but he does it through his foundation making grants to other organizations, so he can deflect the tracing of the funds.
I know Kipchoge, the interviewee, personally. He confirmed that this is a joke - satire. See his facebook post, too. Too absurd to be true. Good lesson for the internet at large -- does it defy common sense (a billionaire asked me too lunch. I got rich off of this.)? It probably isn't true.