Wednesday, June 3, 2020


American Post-Gazette
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June 3, 2020


Governor Doug Ducey can't win for losing. The 2020 winner of the Lou Costello Look-A-Like Contest is doing his best to be funny but it's just not happening. After an ill-advised two-month shutdown of Arizona with his over reaction to the COVID-19 "crisis" (which he made matters worse by almost destroying the state's economy), Ducey ordered a week-long 8:00 pm - 5:00 am curfew because local law enforcement badly handled rioters and looters pretending to be protesters for four days last week. Instead of demanding Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego do her job by allowing Phoenix Police officers do their jobs in protecting people and property, it took a 500-looters' assault on Scottsdale's Fashion Square Mall to get his attention. (Q: Where was Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane? A: Giving stand down orders to his police department. What is with these spineless mayors not allowing their trained police officers protect us and our property?)

That week-long curfew will not be helpful. As so often happens, in their attempt to look tough or make a statement, unwise "leaders" make choices that hurt the very people they say they are trying to protect (see over reaction to COVID-19). Instead of targeting the bad actors in the protests -- arresting them and charging them with the serious crimes they are committing -- Ducey decided to punish the whole state, including the legit protesters, and destroy all economic recovery after 8 pm. Say good-bye to restaurants and bars and other retail outlets trying to recover from his earlier bad choices.

Thankfully, many small city mayors and their police chiefs around the state told the governor --"No, thank you; we aren't going to enforce your stupid curfew." Or words to that effect.

It's obviously much easier to tell the whole state to stay home (again), rather than be politically strong and tell mayors to do their jobs or step aside and do it yourself. As governor, he actually does have that authority, contrary to his unconstitutional orders to tell people they can't go to work, can't open their businesses, and telling landlords they can't evict a tenant because of non-payment of rent, and in general deciding who is and who isn't "essential."

And, again, where's the legislature? Bunkered down. All our state's "leaders" are not stepping up. They are being cowered by a couple hundred thugs. Sad, very sad. Some changes need to be made this November. That doesn't mean we turn it over to the Socialist Democratic Party who actually support the rioters and looters. The GOP needs to get together and vote in people who will actually do the jobs they are elected to do -- from the state level on down to the cities and towns, even the school boards.

Yours in the Cause of Truth,
Alexander Hamilton