Thursday, May 14, 2020

President Trump Socks it to Joe Biden VIDEO

Joe Biden has stood up for China, dismissed them as an economic threat, and opposed President Trump’s China travel restrictions.
The ad contains a clip of Biden mocking President Trump’s hardline approach to China. In that clip, Biden says, “China’s going to eat our lunch? Come on man! They’re not bad folks, folks!”
The ad continues with another comment from Biden, “The growth of China is overwhelmingly in our interest.”
Here’s the ad:

Ben Dover
God...hes going to get crushed lol

Who is worst Hillary, Hussein or Joe? I would say they’re all a disaster to our country.
Trump 2020!

Shelley OBrien
Ignore the Polls..Remember all Polls had Hillary winning in a landslide.

Margaret Zablocki
2016: there could never be a worst candidate than Hillary Clinton.
2020: hold my beer

Richard Dankert
Who says during a campaign speech “I’m not going nuts?” Joe Biden!

Julian Bluefeather
The dems would rather lose to trump than win with Bernie- they already won- they got what they wanted.

Robert Minrar
You can't believe the polls hell they had Hillary winning who do they ask when they do these poles I've never been called it's all a freaking joke Donald Trump's going to eat him for lunch

BIden: "I pledge allegiance to the constitution of the United of states and to the republic. for.... for... You know the. Look. There... We need to remember that..."

Angela Caracciolo
Biden is loosing his mind. He’s a entitled geriatric with early dementia running for President!   Very scary

Angela Caracciolo
Trump could sleep through this election and still win

Shane Thomas
"I'm not going nuts"
Lol ...retire. please.

Michael Di Liberto
The DNC is walking Biden straight into the slaughterhouse. The first debate will be a massacre.

Gray Jedi
I thought the warning signs were sniffing underage girls' necks and talking about pony soldiers instead of remembering the state or century he's in.

James Smithe
Boy, just wait till they cut together an ad showing Biden's cognitive decline. "uh, you know, the thing."

Reporter: Joe are you suffering from Insanity?
Joe Biden: No I actually like it!

Bolder Boulder
Now that's a real ad.

DNC: Joe Biden can't possibly lose.
Biden: Hold my hair and let me smell her beer.

Hey Joe...."Where is Hunter"?  Also Joe...."Do you know where you are"?

Joey "Fingers" Biden needs more brain salad surgery

Robert Light
"I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message."

Jake Just Jake
If DNC didn't want Trump to remain in office they wouldn't have forced Biden as his Dem opponent
 polled and are they only polling people in large cities?  Try polling rural America!