Friday, May 1, 2020

Arizona Governor Ducey Kowtows to Big Business Leaves Small Businesses In Dust

imageNancy Plencner, Fountain Hills, Arizona It’s a pretty sad State of Affairs when New Jersey is opening up and the Grand Canyon State remains shut for another 12 to 15 days.  
Reading Ducey’s Executive Order I’m floored to think our Republican, pseudo businessman Governor doesn’t get it. 
Each day customers remain at home and businesses are shuttered makes it that much harder to return to viability.  Those working in Government including our Governor are still being paid while most “non- essential” businesses are closed their employees drawing unemployment. Teachers are not teaching yet are paid, while my closed hair salon workers are out of a job.  The restaurant industry is being killed, issuing fines and making criminals of those who serve a beer on their outdoor patio! 
Down the road Walmart is hiring hundreds, they pretty much are the only game in town.  Their parking lots jammed with eager customers buying tons of cheap stuff made in China. 
Yet smaller retailers are not allowed to be open and we are banned from attending a movie even worse exercising our first amendment right to attend church.  An entire sector of the economy, professional sports, has been wiped out. 
The squeaky voiced little “expert” in DC Tony Fauci seemed almost gleeful in announcing there likely will not be sports for the next year!  That should really wipe out tourism and the jobs of real Arizonans employed in that industry.
Small business is dying while Ducey caters to the Big Boys, such as hospital CEO’s who demanded to do elective surgery…save the Hospitals for sure, but don’t ignore the dire straits of 1,000’s of small businesses.  I have always had my suspicions about Ducey, he came from the Hensley/McCain machine, and during this crisis it has become abundantly clear that he learned well at the feet of Senator McCain. My fear?  Americans will become all to complacent with this new order.  Nancy Plencner, Fountain Hills, Arizona