Saturday, May 2, 2020

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Extends HOUSE ARREST

American Post-Gazette
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona
May 1, 2020


Many Arizonans find Governor Ducey’s decision to extend the “Stay-Home” order as unacceptable. While he enjoyed (and stumbled through) his TV appearance, his decision is unwise for many reasons, including: 

·         The Governor admitted that although there are plenty of available ICU beds and ventilators, there is “no trend” of improvement. He then contradicted himself by admitting there have been several days in Arizona with zero Coronavirus deaths. 
·         The Governor ignored widely-discussed data that almost all hospitals in Arizona can handle a “surge” in infections. And he ignored the evidence that the possibility of any such surge shrinks each passing day.
·         The Governor’s admission of abundant hospital capacity contradicts the sole premise of his “mass house-arrest,” which was to avoid overwhelming the health system.
·         The Governor ignored growing scientific consensus that Coronavirus deaths are similar to that of seasonal influenza (to say nothing of far greater community hazards, including heart disease, suicide, and drug overdose).
·         The Governor used a supposed conversation with a CEO to claim Arizonans “are afraid” and that “more information” is needed before he will lift restrictions on your business and personal life.
·         The Governor admitted some are experiencing economic hardship. Then attempted to provide comfort with the claim that he continues to work every day. He did not justify or use science to explain why his assistants and aides are more essential than your business, implying we must simply believe him. He also failed to provide solutions for you to continue without a paycheck while his taxpayer-funded salary continues.

The Governor appears to have caved to fear, hype, and hysteria. He has refused to consider all available data, digging in his heels that you must trust that his “cure” is better than any alternative. His anti-science, emotion-based decision suggests he has succumbed to the conveniences of government-control, putting your personal freedoms and livelihood on the back burner.

The Governor should reconsider the sources that influence his decisions. He should remember the voters that elected him and for whom he works. He should remember the citizens of Arizona are sovereign and are not his subjects. He should consider all available scientific data. He should consider the obvious economic damage he is inflicting on personal livelihoods.  And then he should revise his decision.

Patrick Henry