Thursday, April 30, 2020

Corona virus is here to stay by Dr Ada M Fisher

April 30, 2020                         Spectacles:  The Second Wave
Dr Ada M Fisher 
To open or not open, that is the questions.  Whether is its nobler to save a nation’s economy and essence for its survival in reopening job options or continue distancing its peoples and killing off industries to try to save the masses is its perplexing dilemma.  Providing  paycheck protection sounded good without appreciating the need to insure ample opportunities for minority communities for inclusion was essential.  Stimulus checks were to put money in people’s pocket without appreciating the wolves at the door to claim this morsel of sustenance from their suffering.

So let’s do it again and get it right for the Corona virus isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  Social distancing reveals too many believe that like Superman they are invulnerable.  Some believe that it is Biblical and the Lord’s design so they do as they may without appreciating what my father the preacher conveyed . . .the Lord helps them who help themselves.  Many are obfuscating the issues clouding the picture with unclear information.

One note to Public Health which Hopkins taught and which Hand Washing illustrates, if you want to control worldwide disease, start simple -- while vaccinations may be important, clean water and sanitation are primary.  This requires an understanding of aquifers and how to maintain their purity.

The Second Wave of information is now showing that the destruction of the initial attacks is far from done and its effects will be felt by some for a while.  It is clear that the Corona virus is more that a respiratory disease -- it is a multisystem disease which is also attacking the nervous system, kidney, and brain with strokes as a complication and hallucinations whose long term prognosis isn’t clear.  Children who were once thought to be not at higher risk are experiencing Kawasaki’s disease (inflammation of the vascular system).  Dialysis may end up being a need as great as respirators before it’s over.

When to truly open up society will not totally rest on the advent of a vaccine.   Medicine alone cannot dictate such a time.  It can only give parameters to consider.  No one has been clear as to when one is infective and how many negative carriers are out there.  The evidence doesn’t clearly define if positive antibodies mean personal immunity from further infections or the ability to transmit the disease to others.  The money for testing and all other bailouts probably now exceeds the gold in Fort Knox.  

With AIDS, which still has no cure and can only be prevented in changing behavior, it has been the individual viral load which has been a predictor of infectivity.  Some medicines used to treat that disease have been shown over time to have some side effects which compromise the individual.  A most impressive work for the Corona virus is that which few are talking about involving community viral loads taken from examining sewage.  This may prove helpful in determining environmental exposure to this virus and suggest a gastrointestinal component to this disease.  If the community’s viral load is high it may show a need for continued social distancing.  But we don’t have the data yet to do such.

Van Jones, an often bombastic African American political analyst is being excoriated by the media and black community for rightly suggesting that lifestyle choices severely impact on society’s expression of disease though the inequality of opportunity and lack of access to basic services may worsen such among minorities.  There is no doubt that Pot, Alcohol consumption, and Smoking negatively impact on ones immune system.  Multiple sexual partners and other alternative sexual choices increase ones risk for HPV, Herpes, AIDS and other viral diseases which are killing us.

The old adage of you are what you eat has implications for those who consume bats and non-domesticated animals which expose them as well as the human food chain to viral diseases. 

What the second wave of the corona virus will spawn is unphantomable.  What the economic disasters of prolonged unemployment and loss of work is doing could be worse. As in war, non-perfect decisions are made that have to be lived with.  We are likely at such a point in  time.

Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH is a former Medical Director in a Fortune 500 company, licensed teacher, retired physician, former county school board member, speaker, author of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Good for What Ails Us Book 1 (available through Amazon. Com) and is the NC Republican National Committeewoman.