Sunday, March 15, 2020

Let a Woman Do It: by Dr Ada M. Fisher

Though many are lamenting the lack of women in elective office in US society, the cardinal rule of politics here is golden, i.e. ye who can raise the money is too often the one to be seen and heard.  This quid pro quo is the norm in politics and women are often counted out because they fail to raise sufficient funds or they can’t get media attention based on issues which pinpoint  the heart strings of what the majority feels and considers most important.  Nowhere is this more important than in the 2020 Presidential Elections.
Image result for dr ada m fisherThe Republicans unfortunately chose up sides before primaries were held giving the incumbent Donald Trump an unprecedented leg up on any potential challengers.   This belied the concept that anyone should be able to run for president.  But if one likes what one sees, why bother wasting ones time looking elsewhere when the prize is right before you.  He was right on many issues before they have become obvious to the general public.

The Democrats have done a poor job of capturing the mood of the country in focusing on their sole mission to oust Trump at all cost.  In a crowded platform of mediocre talents,  many of whom might not normally be considered presidential timber;  a few stars emerged though the issues of the constitutional role of government was overridden by an overwhelming urge to be all things to all people regardless of who is paying the bill.  The US Constitution clearly states that the judiciary, national defense/security, commerce and taxation powers are roles for government.  The bloating of the general welfare is not enumerated and has seen ventures into education, social welfare, health and issues of child and family which are nowhere delineated to the federal government’s role but under the 10th Amendment lies with states.

If the Democrats hope to dethrone Republican rule then they have to be bold and show a stroke of genius that is thus far removed from sight.  In this the month for women, it is past time we had a woman fill the role of vice president.  Of those who entered the race Senator Amy Klobachur of Minnesota demonstrated her political chops in debates and would bring much to the ticket; however, given the overwhelming support of blacks for his race, Biden would be pressured to pick such a woman as VP.  Senator Kamala Harris seems ready to bite the bit but given her personal attacks on Biden, he has to ask himself who do you and can you trust.  Former State Senator Stacy Abrams though blessed with a Yale law degree still lacks the substance many would consider worthy of a possible assumption to the ranks of President.  Color alone does not justify the right fit. 

A dark horse democratic VP candidate should be New Jersey’s 11th District Congresswoman, Rebecca Michelle “Mikie” Sherrill who reeks of presidential timber.  This woman is the mother of 4, a former Lt. Commander and Navy helicopter pilot, district attorney and prosecutor as well as dripping with qualifications in economics and Russian.  She is one who captured the majority of votes in a district previously won by Trump and she represents a needed future focus rather than a retreat to policies of the past which were part of the creeping socialism of Clinton, Obama and others who want to continually give more than is taken in.

The best Republican for the emerging battles is Nikki Haley though some within this group may find her a little non-conservative for their taste,  Her tenure as a governor, successful service as the US ambassador to the UN and ability to quell emerging storms of race and heartfelt compassion has won her praise both domestically and internationally.  With the Corona virus fiasco, one couldn’t help but wonder how she could help handle this.  And don't forget the queen of tthe Golden Rule, RNC Chairwoman Ronna  Romney McDaniel who has rewritten the rules on political fundraising.

As one watches 73 year old President Trump and the gaffe prone former Vice President Joe Biden, their memory lapses give one pause as do the age of many Supreme Court Justices.  Can they successfully serve out their terms?  Why is a woman not in the waiting?  Reagan survived, so we as a nation have to ask will they?

Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH is a former Medical Director in a Fortune 500 company, licensed teacher, retired physician, former county school board member, speaker, author of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Good for What Ails Us Book 1 (available through Amazon. Com) and is the NC Republican National Committeewoman.