Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dems Don't Want Biden to Debate Bernie

"As far as the Democrats and Biden, James Clyburn has now called for the cancellation of all future debates and primaries, and the declaration of Biden as the nominee. The reason for this is obvious; the more time he spends in front of the cameras, the more demented he sounds and acts. They may have feared being tainted by Bernie's socialism but Biden's mental instability could and I think will cause just as much down-ballot catastrophe for them. As far as the ultra-far-Left Marxists in both DC and in the Democrat base, they're also at a crossroads. Do they just bend over and grab the ankles yet again or do they do as they promised and burn Milwaukee and the Democrat Party to the ground? With Bernie spouting off with zero sense of irony that the Democrats suppressed voters in Michigan, he's kind of forcing their hand to revolt and even run third party.

Whatever happens, yesterday I think is yet another example of the Democrat-Media Complex deluding themselves that they are in control of events while everything is collapsing in around them. Pass the popcorn."