Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coronavirus Numbers Update As of March 26 2020

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Thursday's Coronavirus Updates: 13 new SWFL cases, 1 more state deathYesterday’s number is in parentheses for each data point below. More information on our calculations, their limitations, and why we’ve chosen to report the numbers we have can be found here.
New US cases: 13,591 on Mar. 25 (vs. 11,075 on Mar. 23)
Total US cases: 68,472 (vs. 54,881)
Time for number of US infections to double: 3.05 days (vs. 2.69 days)
US mortality rate: 1.5% (vs. 1.4%)
Total global cases: 471,742 (vs. 422,952)
Global mortality rate: 4.5% (vs. 4.5%)
Global recovery rate: 24.3% (vs. 25.8%)

All figures are as of 1.30 am ET, March 26.

Source: Worldometer, which compiles data from international agencies and national statistical offices around the world.
Calculations are by Knowhere staff, using data from Worldometer.