Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Is Royalty of Value? by Dr Ada M Fisher

Dr Ada M Fisher
Given the expense of a wedding for England's Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Catherine, Prince Harry and the duchess of Sussex -- Princess Meghan, it is easy to ask the question for a monarchy which reportedly has no power, why a need for the throne still exists?
For those who consider that the throne has no constitutional power, refer to Queen Elizabeth II of England who recently gave her consent for dissolving Parliament per the request of prime minister Boris Johnson. Such an act from a position with no constitutional power should hasten the exit of England from the European Union.
The question is why should we care and what is it to us? This threatened exit promises likely instability for the economies of Europe throwing them into a possible tail spin.  The beneficiaries of the loss of businesses in England surprisingly will likely be the Netherlands where a different styled new king and queen have been installed since 2013.
Queen Maxima Zorreguieta Cerrutti there has stolen the show from royalty in Europe with her stylish multi-colored fashions and upturned hairs-dos upon which sits some of the most unusual and magnificence hats, under which lies  her investment banking intellect demanding the world's attention. For over a decade this Queen has been advocating for Financial Inclusion for fragile nations. Combining digital connections via an iPhone with micro banking, the level of achievement for women in Bangladesh and India has increased exponentially.  Clearly demonstrating the relationship of drought, poverty and other factors for those with  limited financial access, including the poorest of the poor,   thereby ushers in a new empowered group.
Why such cannot be channelled among urban and impoverished areas in the United States and elsewhere is the question? Such results are worthy of a Nobel prize in economics for this is not just theory but something which works.

Additionally, Queen Maxima has taken up the mantel for inclusion of that nation's migrant women advocating first they must learn the Dutch  language (which she did prior to marriage) so that they may be full partners in the nation. She was also the first person of royalty to attend a LGBTQ event being not threatened by her marriage to a man who is King, Willem-Alexander.
King Willem-Alexander is always GQ dashing, upright and appropriate in bearing bringing to the tables his understanding of water management, especially given his nation is below sea level.  This icon of royalty doesn't just talk the environment, he deals with it first hand.  Other nations would be wise to follow his lead.  Their forward thinking economic inclusion will bring businesses leaving Brexit to the Netherlands.
This monarchy of the Netherlands has figured it out -- in order to help the poorest of the poor, you have to understand economics and the environment in such a way that it extends and expands your future.   The fact that its royalty is imbude with both as well as sustainable beauty suggests a few less lawyers and politicians might really be what is needed at the top of governments.

Most troubling is that in counting the monarchies of Europe, a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett each have more money than the total worth of these nations.  What is absent from today's  billionaires as well as Bildebergers or  other movers and shakers including over priced athletes/entertainers is a historical perspective with connections to our roots.  Celebrity and fame too often are used to dismiss the pagentry, regal blush and class of monarchies which lend themselves to an understanding of from whence we came.