Saturday, August 3, 2019

Things A Dictator Might Say: Were Said At The Democrat Debate-VIDEO

J Marshall Presnell
Things a dictator might say: "We should put some of these insurance executives who totally oppose my plan in jail for the nine billion opioids they sell out there."

Seriously? If an executive totally opposes your plan, that's jail-worthy? (And just to be clear, insurance companies don't sell drugs of any kind)

I would expect this kind of talk from a Putin, or a Chavez, or a Maduro, or a Castro, or an Il, but ABSOLUTELY NOT from ANY representative in ANY position in the US Government. And DEFINITELY NOT from anyone trying to convince the American public that they should be their president.
And this guy is supposedly the MODERATE among the democratic candidates. And worse, the audience ate it up. Again, the MODERATE candidate - Biden, your former vice president - said this, word for word.
If ANYONE said this and I had supported them, they would have instantly become an existential enemy to me. I still can't believe this. If I had not seen him say it myself, I wouldn't believe it.
And the REALLY interesting thing is that this clip is not easy to find online, even with the exact quote as a search term. You can find it in a transcript, you can find the whole debate video where he says it, but the clip ALONE is very tricky to find. I finally found it in a story by Fox News: