Tuesday, July 2, 2019

REPUBLICAN PARTY OF ARIZONA MESSAGE: Why The Electoral College Is Important

kelli mapDr. Kelli Ward, Chairman: Patriot, The sad fact is that more states are trending blue, than trending red. Not coincidentally, these states are located on the coasts and the border. Democrats and other interested parties are trying their hardest to change the demographics of states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona. In fact, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations specifically targets Arizona because of its “quickly changing demographically and rising in political significance”. If they succeed, it would mean the end of capitalism and civil liberties in our country. That’s why Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes are so crucial.

 As you know, 270 votes are needed to win the electoral college. Had Clinton won the traditionally blue Great Lakes States (Ohio and Michigan) and Arizona, Trump would have lost the election. And Republicans should not have to place all our hopes in the Rust Belt. This is not just simply about electoral votes, it’s about our way of life. The reality is that Arizona is being hammered by illegal immigration and can not afford a Democrat in the Oval Office. On June 11th Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated: “There has to be a breaking point. We’ve reached the breaking point at the border.”  And, of course, Sen. Graham is right. This fiscal year, Customs and Border Protection have apprehended more than 600,000 foreign nationals at the Southern Border. Testifying before Congress, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said:
“Any of our officers at the border can tell you that DHS facilities are overflowing, that our resources are stretched thin, with up to 50