Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Is The Four Freshman Democrats AKA “Squad Goals: anarchy” VIDEO

AOC has a challenger:

Clearly they are attempting to initiate unrest and Contempt for this country. This shows how much they hate and lament our way of life
As a black man I think President Trump has done far more for POC than any of these unhinged Squad morons. I'll be voting for Trump again in 2020. The survival of my country depends on it.
Back our President or be voted out. He is the ONLY ONE FIGHTING FOR AMERICA.
Latino here I do not support AOC, I support our president Trump and all he has done for this nation
Y'all ready for 2020? We're gonna have a great time!
Condemn Antifa are you kidding ? They're on the DNC's payroll.
Keep talking girls, it just makes the next election cycle that much easier. Capitalism or communism? What to choose? I'm going with I'd rather keep my money.
i still don't get how telling peoples who hate this country to leave is racist.
These 4 lunatics (The Squad) need to have their citizenship stripped and deported.
Finally the RNC grew some cojones to show the truth about the SQUAD.
The Democrats called the fact that fascism is rising in the southern border, yet they, the party of affirmative action, are doing nothing! They are “Hipocrats”. Even if the end up doing something, that something will be the death nail of this country.
What EVERY GOOD COMMUNIST WANTS! Tear it all down & replace it with their PERFECT UTOPIA...over 100 million dead in 20th Century for these wonderful visions of "peace and prosperity". Give us a Break, Tide Pod Squad!
Happy to see the squad leading the re-elect Trump 2020 campaign.