Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Arizona Corporation Commission Electronic Filing System Final Phase Rollout

For Immediate Release | 7-9-19
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Electronic Filing System Final Phase Rollout
eFiling system available for regulated utilities and AZCC business filings
Phoenix — The Arizona Corporation Commission announces the completion of its electronic, or eFiling, system allowing a majority of regulated entities and stakeholders to electronically file in dockets that involve Class A and B utilities. The system rollout supports the Corporation Commission’s goals of reducing paper use and making it easier for stakeholders to conduct business with the Commission.
The Corporation Commission implemented eFiling for smaller, Class C, D, and E utilities earlier this year. Telecomm utilities, Securities Division cases, and Safety Division cases are also included in eFiling. Dockets involving proceedings of the Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee are not included in eFiling.
Those who wish to utilize the completed eFiling system will be required to set up a portal account at https://efiling.azcc.gov/. Documents to be electronically filed must be uploaded as PDFs, and some per PDF file size limitations apply.  For all cases other than Class A and B rate cases, the Commission does not require the filing of any paper copies of documents with the Commission if a document has been electronically filed.
The following requirements apply only to Class A and B utility rate cases:
Class A or B utilities may electronically file their rate application, but must also deliver to the Commission’s Docket Control, on the same date as the eFiling of the rate application, eight paper copies of the complete rate application (including all testimony and schedules).
If any party to a Class A or B utility rate case electronically files testimony or schedules, the party must also deliver to the Commission’s Docket Control, on the same date as the eFiling, eight copies of the testimony or schedules.
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