Thursday, June 6, 2019

President Trump in D Day Speech Reminded the Importance of National Security and the F-35 Fighter Jets

Image result for f35 jetFor anyone who caught President Trump's Memorial Day speech to the US sailors and Marines on-board the USS Wasp in Japan, we were once again reminded of the importance of our national security and the vigilance of our armed forces around the world.  He told the appreciative audience that Japan has ordered 102 F-35 Fighter Jets and that the new aircraft carriers being built will have full compliments of the F-35s. 

Nothing is more important than our national security and nothing is more important to our national security than the very best equipment.  Certainly, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the most important part of our entire military for the future.  Arizona is home to more than 100 of these sophisticated and stealthy jets and we share a common sense of pride with the amount that this state has invested in our national security.  Everyone in the United States can feel very proud of our military men and women and the way we equip them with the latest technology and the best tools to protect us, like the F-35.

When it comes to our military, Arizona is lucky to have both Democrats and Republicans who strongly support our military and its installations.  Now is the time for them to come together and fight for the F-35 and its continued funding.  Recent budget requests have the Air Force purchasing eight F-15Xs.  These are fourth-generation fighters that do not have the capabilities that the F-35 has.  It’s misguided to think that we are going to be able to continue our air superiority over emerging countries like Russia and China by investing in inferior technology.  Boosting our investment in the F-35 is how we’ll meet the challenges of the future.