Saturday, June 8, 2019

Eff them. Go Trump!

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Andrea Shea-King

I am so sick and tired of hearing it...
To those whose sensibilities are offended by President Trump's tweets and language, I say "Get over it."
He is a street brawler who won't be bullied, nor is he afraid to fight them in the swampy muck in order to defeat, destroy, and finish them off.
All on OUR behalf.
Thank GOD there are enough of us who have recognized that this man is vastly different than the oh-so-polished thieves, knaves and kings in Congress who along with their media and lobbyist courtiers, have been eating into our production, gorging themselves on our taxpaid slop troughs for decades.
I despise them and you should too. They are not worthy of anything more than our contempt and disgust.
Trump is a fighter. A clever pugilist who willingly -- WILLINGLY -- battles the filth on our behalf. Shredding them and showing us and the world that at their core their malevolent stink lies beneath their perfumed polish and "polite comity."
Eff them. Go Trump!
So if you're getting the vapors over his tweets, his language, his ballz, again I say to you, quit your whining and GET OVER IT. We might occasionally get splashed with some of the foulest sh*t he's tackling as he throttles them in the cesspool muck of their own creation, but he's doing it for me, for you, and yes, even for you pearl-clutchers...
Get over it. I don't want to hear your tut-tuts, and better-than-thou comments. I don't want to hear how you think his behavior is "unpresidential." He's fighting the dragon. Let him do his job.
Got it?