Sunday, June 16, 2019

CAGW 2019 PIG BOOK IS HERE $17 million to "Improving lives across Asia"

Citizens Against Government Waste’s (CAGW) 2019 Congressional Pig Book exposes 282 earmarks, an increase of 21.6 percent from the 232 in fiscal year (FY) 2018. The cost of earmarks in FY 2019 is $15.3 billion, an increase of 4.1 percent from the $14.7 billion in FY 2018. Since FY 1991, CAGW has identified 111,144 earmarks costing $359.8 billion.A few of the egregious examples of pork-barrel waste highlighted in the 2019 Pig Book are
$13.8 million to manage wild horses and burros,
$9 million to quarantine fruit flies,
$863,000 to eradicate brown tree snakes in Guam.
$65 million to help salmon $12 million to control aquatic plants
$17 million to "Improving lives across Asia"


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