Saturday, April 13, 2019

Arizona Legislature struck down state law prohibiting schools from promotingHomosexual Behavior

American Post-Gazette
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April 12, 2019


The Arizona Legislature has once again caved to political correctness--this time it will dramatically and negatively affect our kids.

By a 19-10 vote in the Senate and a surprising 55-5 vote in the House, SB1346 struck down state law prohibiting schools from promoting homosexual behavior. What is so bad about our schools not promoting homosexual behavior? Here's the actual language from the now-defunct 1991 law:
"No district shall include in its course of study which:
1.  Promotes a homosexual lifestyle.
2.  Portrays homosexuality as a positive alternative lifestyle.
3.  Suggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex."

Nowhere in that language does it disparage anyone, call anyone names, make fun of anyone, or bully anyone. It's simple and straight forward: Our taxes should not go to the education of our children to promote in any way, positive or negative, a homosexual lifestyle. It's neutral. The law did not require schools to demean anyone's lifestyle choices. But you would never know that from the unhinged Left at the Arizona Capitol.

Newly elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman (a Democrat, to no one's surprise) didn't even have the ink on her signature card dry before she called for the law to be struck down, whining that so many children and their families have been harmed by it. How were they harmed? Schools weren't calling out kids who claimed publicly or privately that they were LGBTQA+. That's not what the law prescribed. Again, the law simply stated that when discussing/teaching about AIDS in school, teachers couldn't positively promote a homosexual lifestyle; teachers had to remain neutral. It didn't require teachers to badmouth gays.

Speaker of the House Pro Tem T.J. Shope, a Republican, sponsored the amendment that struck down the "offending" language. Which begs the question: Was Mr. Shope one of those children who was harmed? Inquiring minds want to know.

And the Ice Cream Man on the Ninth Floor couldn't sign the bill fast enough. Gov Doug Ducey signed the bill within minutes of it landing on his desk--breathless to get out of the way of another attack from #Red4Ed, no doubt.

Common sense and history tells us where this is going. We all know where this is going. With the prohibition promoting a homosexual lifestyle gone, you know damn well that liberal teachers across the state will now promote homosexual lifestyles in their classes (and all the other deviant lifestyles). "It's ok, little Bruce and Lance, you can have sex with each other. It's ok, little Amanda and Chelsea, your sexual affection for each other is now endorsed by the state of Arizona." And worse, they will use this as a hammer against any Christian student or parent who even dares to question the veracity of such teaching. Make no mistake, that's what the Left's real goal is: destroy Christians. The party that booed God in their 2012 Presidential Convention has set their sights even lower: legislate Christian beliefs out of the public square. And where better to start than in our schools. They've already kicked prayer out of schools. They are determined to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Bible is forbidden on most campuses. But, oh yeah, let's teach impressionable kids it's ok to have homosexual sex at virtually any age and if you bigotted Christians complain, we will use the power of the state to shut you up.

So thanks to you 41 shameless, morally baseless Democrats, and you 33 spineless Republicans for bringing our state and our culture ever more close to "ripening in iniquity." You've handed the Godless Left a club to beat morality down.

For the Love of Life, Liberty and Property,
Samuel Adams