Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Walls don’t work, EXCEPT AT THESE HOUSES #BUILDTHEWALL for Americans Safety

Walls work to protect the resident's of these houses, walls are built to protect property owners from the highways and street noise. Why doesn't the government build a wall on the border to protect the American people?
The White House
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Speaker Paul Ryan (R) Home
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The Vatican
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Bezos’ mansion- Amazon Founder
Image result for bezos house
Zuckerberg’s mansion –Founder Facebook
Image result for zuckerberg house palo alto
Bill Gates-Microsoft
Image result for house of bill gates
Pelosi’s (D) mansion-Former Speaker of House
Hillary’s (D) mansion- Former SOS and First Lady
Image result for clinton house
Obama’s (D) mansion –Former President
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Waters’ (D) mansion – California Congresswoman
Feinstein’s (D) mansion-
Oprah’s mansion (Entertainer)
Madonna's mansion (Entertainer)