Wednesday, January 9, 2019

ICYMI: President Trump Addresses the Nation On Border Security

When democrats were in control and before Trump became President the Democrats agreed with him on immigration.President Obama wanted more border security & thought illegals should speak English or go to back of line, Bill Clinton said illegal immigration is wrong. Schumer said border walls work, Harry Reid thought offering benefits to illegals was insane, Feinstein said the US can't be Mexico's welfare system. 


It's amazing how bad the mainstream media didn't want the American people to hear this important message.
Build that damn wall! Remind Schumer that he used to be against illegal immigration. Call your Congress members tomorrow!
Every country on earth has borders!!!! Democrats have blood on their hands. Speak to THAT Pelosi and Chucky.
Thank you Donald Trump, Very Cool!
US Border Wall ( Presidential Option till Wall Funding is Passed.) #WallOption By our Commander and Chief.. Pres Trump does not need Congress to approve military training exercises or chosen area of training with in the USA. We should do this till wall is built. Military training area's secured every 10 mile's along the 1900 mile border. Would only need 38'000 troops training with 200 troops in each camp. We have to train our Military troops anyway.. Civilians or non military personal are not allowed to cross through a Military Training parameter. The US has a total of 1.3 million active duty US military. 38'000 = less than 3% of our 1.3 million US military.
please please please WALL!
North Korea is more willing to work with Trump than our Congress Makes you think
The President didn't personally attack the democrats, just spoke the truth, yet the leftist media call for fact checking HIM?! Who's fact checking the Dems?
Americans stand with our President, to defend our nation from the Deep State DNC. Build the wall and put Chuck and Pelosi behind bars for treason.
When President Trump speaks (and his Cabinet)...I hear the words in my own heart aloud. God bless and keep them strong in their resolve to protect our country.