Friday, January 25, 2019

Copy of Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against AZGOP Johathan Lines by Maria Syms

Mr. Lines is being sued for defamation. Former State Representative Maria Syms and her husband Mark filed the suit this morning (Thursday, January 24) against Mr. Lines for false and defamatory statements he made at a recent District 26 Precinct Committee Meeting. According to the suit, Mr. Lines told those present that Maria and Mark Syms were convicted in court of fraud and were ordered to pay $70,000 in restitution to Senator Kate Brophy-McGee for irregularities involved with Mr. Syms' potential independent candidacy opposing her. Mr. Lines also said he and Governor Doug Ducey "sat down" with Ms. Syms to discuss how to go forward despite her husband's potential candidacy.None of that is true.
Ms. Syms was gracious enough to send  the court's finding from the alleged "fraudulent petition gathering" case from last summer. The judge didn't even mention Ms. Syms because she wasn't even party to the action.