Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Donald Trump Doesn't Need Congressional Approval to Fund The Wall

Ap Trump A Usa CaDonald Trump can fund the border wall without congressional approval. 
The funds are available and he has the authority to use executive power to build the wall.
Trump must act because there is no chance wall funding will pass Congress in the next two years.
President Trump can build the wall on his own. A week ago, the White House put out a call to federal agencies to look for “pots of money” in their existing budgets that could be cobbled together to pay for border wall construction. Like it or not, there are sources of revenue in the executive branch that the president has authority to use without congressional approval.
The Department of Agriculture has about $200 billion in outstanding loans for rural development projects such as community buildings, bridges, roads, fire stations, police stations, water projects and barriers such as fencing and walls.
For example, Trump could authorize the sale of $10 billion of USDA rural water loans on the secondary market, which could bring in a lump sum payment of $12 billion or more. Revenue from these proceeds could be directed to build the border wall.
Legal authority comes from many angles. Obama stimulus loans (approximately $2-$5 billion) could be separated out and used because they involved “no year” money, meaning the funds don’t expire if not spent in a certain time frame.
These are only a few creative funding avenues that could be explored.
While the Constitution gives Congress power over the government’s purse strings, presidents of both parties have pushed the limits of their flexibility to use executive-branch funds free of congressional micromanagement. Conservatives complained that President Barack Obama spent billions on health care without congressional authorization.