Sunday, December 30, 2018

Build Wall to Prevent More Tragedies and Illegal Border Crossings

Image result for illegal climbing border wallBuilding The Wall Will Prevent More Tragedies At The Border. We Have Tried Everything Else And Now It Is Time To Build The Wall.
Last week, an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy died in custody, the second child from that country to die on the American side in a month. The first was a 7-year-old girl, and both children had been held with a parent after crossing illegally.
The reality is that the sheer volume of illegal crossers, combined with advantages the law gives those traveling with children, means the expansion of benefits will almost instantly be swamped by tens of thousands of new arrivals.
Moreover, great danger is inherent in the long trek, especially for young children, some of whom may have pre-existing health conditions.
It is not callous to say that it is unrealistic and unfair to make American border officials — and taxpayers — responsible for children whose parents are so irresponsible.
Nor is it compassion to encourage Central America’s poor to believe that getting to the border is akin to reaching the promised land.
As reader Mary Churchman put it: “If I set off on foot across this country with a 7-year-old child and dragged said child 2,500 miles, I would be charged with child abuse.
"Further, if the child died at the end of the journey, I would be charged with murder.
“Yet when a migrant child dies on US soil, our officials face threats of losing their jobs, thereby endangering the welfare of their own families, all because someone from a country thousands of miles away felt they had the right to enter my country.”
Churchman doesn’t say so, but we can assume she supports Trump’s push for an expanded wall. So do I.
There is precious little focus on the role a wall could play in stemming the tide of suffering humanity washing up on America’s southern border.
In fact, had there been a wall and true border security, there is a reasonable chance the parents of the two dead Guatemalan children would not have attempted the hazardous trek.
Walls, after all, are not just barriers. They are also deterrents that can dissuade would-be migrants from even attempting to reach the US.
Conversely, it is well documented that the openness of vast stretches of our border invites thousands of people fleeing their Central American homelands.
Throw in the open-border activists teaching migrants how to apply for asylum, and court rulings that allow illegal crossers to stay pending hearings, and the incentives for making the journey are obvious.
And don’t forget the hellish crime and violence engulfing Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Those nations make up what is called the Northern Triangle, the region with the world’s highest homicide rates.
The shutdown has exposed the hollow core of the Dems’ insistence that they support border security while opposing a wall.
Build the wall because we have tried everything else.