Thursday, September 13, 2018

Truth's About AZ Senator John McCain The RINO Democrat

Finally someone has told the seamy unvarnished truth about vindictive side of Senator John McCain. A senator from Arizona and definitely not a hero.
Laudatory comments and speeches made to the departed at their funerals are expected, but the offensive and disgusting comments made by John McCain’s family toward those John McCain had publicly despised during his last years were unwarranted. In the last years of his life John McCain became a bitter and petty old man who put revenge against President Trump ahead of his duty to his party and his country.
I am heartily tired of hearing how wonderful Senator McCain’s life was and how much this country owns him. After all of the insults made at his funerals toward those John McCain had detested, as opposed to the almost continuous broadcasts making McCain out to be the second coming, I just can’t let that happen without a response.
What the American public needs to know is more about his career as a Senator. Let’s start with my opinion, the State of Arizona has had two of the worst Republican Senators in our Senate for several years; Republican Senators who actively opposed the man elected by the people of this country to be our president. Senators John McCain and Jeffery Flake have marked themselves as men who think they are more important than their party or the people of this country who elected President Trump by opposing almost everything the president seeks to accomplish.
A newspaper reporter in Phoenix, Tom Fitzpatrick, wrote an expose about the Keating Five Scandal. His headline was “McCain was the most reprehensible of the Keating Five.” He continued, “Keating thought McCain might make it to the White House. Keating poured $112,000 into McCain’s political campaign. Keating even made a sweet shopping center deal with McCain’s wife.” There was much more to that expose, but that will give an idea of Fitzpatrick’s intent. That money was determined to be illegal campaign contributions; didn’t work out too well for the Senator.
McCain then put some of his bipartisan contemplations into effect and got in bed with one of the most far left Democrats in the Senate, Russ Feingold. In 2002 they both constructed the “The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.” The fact that they were warned it appeared close to being unconstitutional either didn’t bother McCain much or maybe he didn’t understand the bill himself. Perhaps he needed to show the world he had contrition of his past financial campaign shenanigans. As expected in 2007 the Supreme Court pretty much torn the Act up and most of the Feingold/McCain effort was shown to be unconstitutional.
Once again McCain puts some of his bipartisan contemplations into force and got cozy with another far left Democrat. That would be Teddy Kennedy. They put in place a political immigration cockup in 2005. “The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.” As one might expect with left wing Democrat Teddy Kennedy involved, it was all carrot and no stick. Pretty much, hey welcome in all you illegals. Of course the Democrats loved it. The country hated it and the bill was rejected. Once more McCain craved to appear bipartisan by buddying up with far left Democrat, Teddy Kennedy that fat boozy philander. Why would McCain be involved in such a bill? Perhaps McCain believed with a Kennedy, it would make him look important and presidential, that must have sounded good to him, even though, if passed that bill would have wound up hurting his party and damaging his country.
At that time Senator McCain attended a Canadian Security Conference along with one of his staff, David J. Kramer. British court records state John McCain ordered Kramer to England to get a personal briefing from Christopher Steel. That’s right the same Christopher Steel that hated Donald Trump and did every illegal and disgraceful deed he could to stop Trump from becoming president.
After his covert meeting with Steel, Kramer then would return to Washington D.C. where Fusion GPS would provide McCain with hard copies; hard copies of what? Well that would be the infamous “Dossier” Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid Steel to manufacture and fill with false Russian information on Donald Trump. The false and treacherous dossier that the Democrats, their media, the FBI and the DOJ would use to illegally start Robert Muller’s “Democrat Inquisition” to unseat a lawfully elected American President.
Why did John McCain so badly want this information? Why did a Republican Senator not check out that dossier for accuracy? McCain didn’t give a damm about accuracy he wanted to get his grubby hands on it to turn it over to the FBI ASAP. McCain was salivating with the expectation that the dossier information would cause the end of the Trump presidency.
Too bad John, the FBI had had the dossier for months. As we now know the FBI had worked with and paid Steel for his cooperation with the bureau, then fired Steel for providing media with that information; of course we also now know the FBI was continued to stealthily work with Steel through back channels with the DOJ, unbelievable corruption. John you were a day late and a dollar short with your infamy.
At Senator John McCain’s funeral the insult just kept coming. Not only did the Senator and his family insult the President of United States by telling the world he is not welcome to attend McCain’s funeral, but they also give the finger to the women McCain chose to be his Vice Presidential running mate as well, Sara Palin by letting the world she was not welcome either. Talk about nasty and vicious attitudes, the McCain family seems to be well equipped. Of course they welcomed Barrack Obama to attend the funeral, go figure. Just reinforces the truth conservatives now understand, “Establishment Politicians” regardless of party stick together against anyone or anything that threatens their control of the SWAMP.