Sunday, September 23, 2018

The 4th And Final "Witness" Says Christine Blasey Ford Is Wrong.

The 4th And Final "Witness" Says Christine Blasey Ford Is Wrong.
New York Times: In a setback for Christine Blasey Ford, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Saturday night received a statement that eliminated any chance to corroborate her account.
A woman named Leland Keyser was previously identified by Dr. Blasey as one of the five people at the party.
Keyser and Ford were classmates at Holton Arms, and Keyser now works for Georgetown University.
Keyser told the committee through a lawyer that she “does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Blasey.”
Two men said to have been at the party, Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth, have also told the committee that they have no recollection of the events.
Keyser is the fifth and final person in Dr. Blasey’s account of the people who allegedly attended the high school party where she says she was assaulted.
The White House Press Secretary said “One week ago, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claimed she was assaulted at a house party attended by four others.
“Since then, all four of these individuals have provided statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any knowledge of the incident or even having attended such a party.”
A lawyer for Dr. Blasey, Debra Katz, said it was “unremarkable that Ms. Keyser does not remember attending a specific gathering 30 years ago at which nothing of consequence happened to her.”
Editorial Note: Leland Keyser's former husband is Bob Beckel, who was the Campaign Manager of the 1984 Walter Mondale for President Committee. She is not a Trump supporter and CNN describes her as a lifelong friend of Dr. Blasey.
All four people named have said this party never happened. That is powerful evidence. The Wall Street Journal says the new standard appears to be "we must automatically 'believe' women. Here is a woman, and she is saying Ford has it wrong."
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