Monday, August 20, 2018

In Memory of Timothy Lee Former AZGOP Treasurer

Tributes to Timothy Lee who passed away during heart surgery on August 15, 2018

Former AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen:
Timothy was a rock. He had a great sense of humor, and we became great friends. He understood what was required for AZGOP financial reporting to the state and FEC. During my 4 years as Chairman, we conducted a quarterly call to the FEC regarding reports. This was not a requirement but something he chose to do. There were very few issues that ever arose, but when they did, Timothy was always prepared to answer any questions the analyst had. The AZGOP was audited for the 2010 election cycle at the request of the DOJ. After a forensic audit conducted over a year, the FEC found no major violations and in fact, the auditor stated the files were the most complete she had ever audited. God bless Timothy.
Past GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey:
I first met Timothy Lee the day I was elected Chairman of the AZ GOP in January of 2011. He was the incumbent AZ GOP Treasurer and as such he introduced me to the realities of the enormity of his job. He was knowledgeable and always in control of the process. He operated with integrity and had a quick wit and great sense of humor, which was so important during the many challenges of the 2012 election cycle.  He consistently advised me along the way, so that pitfalls were avoided and bylaws and statutes were adhered to. He was an invaluable asset to the Party. I enjoyed his company and will miss him and his text messages keeping me informed long after I had left that position.  Rest in peace Timothy.  You will be missed.
Former GOP Chairman Robert Graham:
"Today, a true conservative and a died-in-the-wool Republican activist began his new journey with our Father in Heaven. Timothy Lee, former long-time Treasurer, PC and State Committeeman of the Arizona Republican Party, passed away yesterday morning August 15, 2018. Timothy was a friend to most, a man feared by some and a person committed to the cause of a true conservative Republican Party. Most of Timothy’s life was centered on the service he provided others. He was always first to wish someone happy birthday. During the holiday seasons he helped usher in the Christmas spirit and shared his Jewish traditions. Timothy was more than a fixture to the AZ GOP and Republicans at large…he was an activist, a fighter and a person committed to the best possible outcome for the people of Arizona. Never wavering, Timothy’s heart was based in loyalty, love and compassion. Some would say…”Timothy will take the heat.” He would take the heat to help facilitate the “right” outcome. The lunches at his favorite deli, the unexpected gifts of pastries and sweets, the warnings and counsel he shared…will all be missed by all he considered friends. He protected us. Timothy Lee gave of himself to each of us and the Republican party. Like anything in politics…some will agree with the tribute above and others will not. Those who do not agree were never blessed by truly knowing Timothy Lee.”
AZGOP Chairman Lines Statement on the Passing of Timothy Lee
PHOENIX—AZGOP Chairman Lines released the following statement on the passing of Timothy Lee:
Yesterday, Timothy Lee, a lifelong dedicated Republican passed away.  Timothy was the former Treasurer of the Arizona Republican Party.  He was a Precinct Committeeman, a State Committeeman and the former Chairman of the LD 24 Republicans.  Timothy was a friend to Republicans across the state.
“I am saddened to hear about the death of my dear friend Timothy Lee,” said AZGOP Chairman Lines.  “Timothy was a dedicated Republican through and through.  My heart goes out to all of his loved ones they are in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you, Timothy for your years of dedicated service to Republicans statewide. You will be missed.”
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