Friday, August 17, 2018

"Defend Arizona" Mc-McSally’s Scurrilous Attacks on Ward Exposed

Mc-McSally’s scurrilous attacks on Ward exposed
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Defend Arizona” funded by high dollar McCain allies runs attack ads on behalf of McSally
Political campaigns at the highest levels often reek of the putrid scent of desperation.
Dr. Kelli Ward has previously been through this grinder when she had the temerity to challenge entrenched RINO John McCain in 2016. His ubiquitous mailers and televised ads preposterously denounced Ward, a physician, former two-term state senator, military wife and mother as responsible for the rise of ISIS terrorism in the mid-East.
Truth had no bearing on the ruthless McCain machine, using baseless lies to discredit the accomplished conservative.
Conservative Dr. Ward reentered the senate fray. This time, she is being battered with a new pack of lies, twisting her words and misusing sound bites. The culprit is McCain protégé Martha McSally, often described on this site as Sally McCain, since he previously recruited her and she mirrors his agenda, deceiving as glibly.
A commercial she uses depicts President Trump calling her “the real deal,“ when in fact it had nothing to do with the campaign, but was taped at an event at the Air Force Academy where McSally, a combat pilot, received her training.
McSally now claiming to be supportive of President Trump, has refused to say whether she voted for him. She has also refused to debate Dr. Ward.
A defamatory Political Action Committee (PAC) calling itself “Defend Arizona,” spending close to a $million dollars this past week alone, is responsible for the negative messaging. The Federal Elections Commission lists the recognizable names of squish Republicrat McCain allies.
The PAC has even usurped the search engine as voters seek Kelli Ward’s websitetaking them directly to its anti-Ward site. The identical reprehensible tactic was employed by McCain. has exposed the distortions, outright deceptions and misrepresentations in this report,PAC Attack on Kelli Ward Badly Misfires.
These are Ward’s principles and impressive endorsements Don’t be conned by another McCandidate. Once elected, they are often immovable. John McCain, who hasn’t been seen in a year due to an aggressive form of brain cancer, was first elected in 1982. He has not resigned.