Friday, August 10, 2018

Arizonans Want to Help Ken Bennett Get Elected Governor and Rid of Ducey

Image result for ken bennettKen Bennett needs 900 contributions to earn Clean Elections funding.
With just three weeks to go before the primary election, Ken Bennett still needs 900 contributions to qualify for funding from the Clean Elections Commission.
Bennett has all of the qualifications to be an outstanding governor.
He also doesn't need on the job training like the present governor, who was elected by kowtowing to the Koch Brothers and their money machine.

Bennett was elected to the Prescott City Council in 1985 and served as Mayor Pro Temin 1988.[5][9] He was appointed to the Arizona State Board of Education in 1992, serving as president in 1996 and 1998.[10]
In 1998 he was elected to the Arizona State Senate, serving four two-year terms, the second as Chairman of the Education Committee, and the third and fourth as President of the Senate (2003–2007).[2]
When Jan Brewer ascended from Arizona Secretary of State to Governor upon Janet Napolitano's resignation to become United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Bennett was selected as the new Secretary of State, being sworn in on January 26, 2009.[5][11] Upon completing that term, Bennett won election to a full term as Secretary of State in the November 2010 with 59% of the vote.[12]