Friday, July 6, 2018

Truth in the Irony: Cost of Illegal Invasion

Family, Friends and Fellow Patriots,
     Some of you may find the below information disturbing.  As a resident of Arizona, where all the ramifications of illegal invaders is felt every day of the year, I can assure you that our concerns are real and based on reality as it exists today.  Many of you have no idea of the consequences that effect society and family life because of this influx of people including the worst of society in many other countries who are happy to see them leave.  Here is just a sampling of the consequences:

Hit and run incidents involving killing pedestrians and legal other legal motorists by those who don't have driver's licenses or insurance.

Overwhelming the hospitals, clinics, and health of legal residents due to contagious and dangerous diseases in which they are infected.

Overcrowding of schools and resources and lack of English literacy or language skills from dozens of foreign countries from across the globe.

Disguised terrorists and weaponry from countries that sponsor terrorism and infiltration into the U.S. for the purpose of causing mayhem.

Killing, robbing, mugging, looting, arson, raping and burglary of American citizens and businesses by foreign criminals and those who have already been deported through misguided "catch and release" policies of the previous administrations.

Infiltration by drug cartels and gang members bringing contraband into the U.S. including opioids, weed, fentanyl, heroin, methadrine, and dozens of other illicit drugs.

Convicted felons and outcasts from all over the globe including Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

Human traffickers of prostitution, pedophilia, and sexual enslavement for hostages all over the U.S. in so-called "safe-houses".

The enormous cost of feeding, clothing, housing, employing, hospitalizing and schooling both in the under-culture and social welfare programs--all at the expense and cost to American taxpayers and legal citizens.

Social security payment to able-bodied and disabled/disadvantaged non-citizens who have never contributed once cent to the system, including lop-sided tolerance of Muslims being permitted four wives to be included for each "married" man because of their culture.

Birth rates from Hispanic population 4 times that of American citizens, and mole population 8 times the American birth rate.

Trash littering the roads and neighborhoods across America because of the contempt and filthy lifestyles that the invaders bring with them.

Resurgence of diseases long-since eradicated in the U.S. as well as new and more virulent strains of viruses and flu previously unheard of.

Cultural clashes of those many groups who REFUSE to assimilate into American society and advocate overthrow of legitimate U.S. government.

     This list could go on indefinitely, but you get the idea.  This illegal influx of border-crashers is advocated, supported and demanded by the communist controlled Democrat party.  So for those of you who have seen only a smattering of evidence of this in your hometowns and surrounding communities, bear in mind that the seriousness of this nightmare is on our doorsteps and to allow this to continue is absolutely fanatical.
     As we near the midterm election cycle, please realize that our national sovereignty and the future of our children and families is at stake and in peril of destruction at the hands of those who wish to destroy the social, moral and economic fabric of our society.  This is OUR watch.  This is OUR future.  And this is OUR country--to have and to hold.  Vote to preserve America! 
Let the word go forth.
Standing for Liberty,
Ray Sweeney
Truth in the Irony