Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump-Stoltenberg tense talk at NATO summit (FULL VIDEO)

Trump criticized bloc members that approved the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Europe. The president criticized Germany in particular, calling it a hostage of Russia. READ MORE:

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GLOBAL: Meeting with Euro leaders, Trump behaves like the only adult in the room. He correctly criticized Germany for considering an energy agreement with and thereby becoming semi-energy dependent on Russia, the opponent of NATO which we fund with millions of US dollars. It is refreshing to hear an American leader speak candidly to these alleged Euro leaders!
He handles summits like a boss! Tough situations require tough leaders! About time Angela got exposed! For what she is, a crooked leader (I am German!)
Trump is a REAL President, unlike the fakes before him. He wasn't supposed to get in. That was the shocker the Deep State hadn't banked on. The only reason he had a ghost of the chance was because he is a billionaire and was able to fund his own campaign. But even then he didn't spend a fraction of what $hillary spent. And so it's a miracle he made it. The truth is that we didn't have legitimate Presidents who cared about the American people and the health of our nation in the past. These are globalists who Trump must deal with. They are not loyal to their own people and countries. The plot to destroy America has been curtailed because Trump isn't allowing it to happen anymore!

It could only have been Trump insisting on this meeting being made public for all to witness.
They all look like children being told off by the headmaster. Nice
End nato now in 2018 to commemorate the end of WW1 another bankster induced slaughter
If youre fed up with paying for everyone and everything then leave , take all your military bases you have all around the world and go !!! Save your millions and billion you're spending on everyone else and focus on your own country. Sorted !!!
Trump speaks total sense.
Trump accuses Germany of being under Russian influence, Trump is an AIPAC/Military Industrial complex puppet. NATO strangles all European nations in fact NATO should be dissolved being that only the US benefits from NATO.
Trump and Putin are the only world leaders that deserve respect.
I hope I will see the day when NATO will crash and burn.
President Trump, A great defender of the American people, Amazing man
All those who sit on that table deserve nothing short of the death penalty for crimes against humanity and treason.
Trump's the best president I've ever seen
Ahahaha common the man is spitting some facts ahaha gotta give it to trump his trying.
trump the aipac lackey.
I liked this. Stoltenberg can not explain anything, he is just scared that his Deep State bosses will fire him if he does not defend the existence of NATO, the trillion dollar revenue