Monday, July 16, 2018

President Trump In Helsinki, Finland Press Conference With Russian President Putin Video

President Trump has a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Russian Federation


Wow! Putin looks extremely uncomfortable. Uncharacteristic.
Hey wow, here we go on another journey aboard the Trump Train around the world. Proud and privileged to be invited along!
Hi guys, Have a nice day if you see our comment
Yeah, it finally happened!!! President Trump, President Putin, 2 great leader, show the world how it's done!!! God bless America, and God bless Russia!
Putin already bored, he's thinking 'go back to Merkels lap, I'll be supplying the gas anyway'😆
Putin+Trump= world Peace Wish you both good luck.
God speed Mr. President.
God bless this summit meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin. God has given him much wisdom. Peacemaker 💛🌻💛

Both care about their own People and refuse to jon Soros NWO oof Communist..
God Bless America and our great President!!!
Trump Train! Woo Hoo!
Two anti-globalists sitting side by side. Beautiful.
Trump 2020
those cameras would drive me nuts
God Bless Both of these powerful men and to both our countries
Trump is my President!
May God the Truth and the life blesses these two men to promote peace for humanity .. "Jesus I entrust these meeting unto your divine mercy. Teach them to look and promote peace." Amen
Putin looks subdued
My Russian American moment
The two alphas meet...the NWO is headed for destruction
Whooo hoooo the 2 men that are going to save the world from the evil luciferians! MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!
Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore.
Not since emperor Charlemagne have Europe seen a leader like this .God bless president Trump saviour of Europe.
Super! Well spoken President Trump. Refreshing to hear a President say that Nuclear arms are not a good thing and they want to do something about it. Hopefully, these men can help make the world a safer and saner place for all.
Putin looks scared, look at his LEFT hand throughout the meeting.
This just in [CNN corresponder]: mr. Trump has intimate relationship with Vladimir Putin and sells out United States nuclear capability.... Details at the top of the hour. #Walkaway
You are awesome my President Trump ! Keep rocking it sir !
Russia as an ally would destroy the left lol
We love you President Trump; praying for your success and safety!
Thank You Mr. President for your hard work.
Trump is that dude! Boss! MAGA!!
The White House is now THE reality TV show of TV shows, and it could not be more entertaining. Thank You President Trump, we love you and we are grateful for what you are doing for the world.
I guess that Donald Trump understand very well russian through his wife Melania who teaches him .
I hoping Trump can work the same miracles with Russia as he did with NK
God bless both these leaders in their efforts to defeat those who would enslave all of us. Putin doesn't look confident as he usually does in the presence of world leaders. Our president may have a leg up on this meeting.
Mother Russia! 🇷🇺💂

Damn cameras make too much noise. They can’t silence the mics on the press photographers? !?!?!?
Looks amazing!!! What a great opportunity for both countries, lets deal! Go Trump
It is kinda odd, you can tell there are two very strong men there. Trumps body language says all business, Putin is more relaxed so this may turn out very well.
Good job. You sure are putting the miles on air force 1 that's for sure.
Putin's arms are too steady!! Something's not right...
Why can't the US and Russia get along. Russia isn't the most perfect democracy, but who is these days. Look at Germany and Uk. Far left media advocates and globalist elites want too escalate a conflict with Russia. For the sole purpose of making Trump look bad. Trump is a treat to the elites power. He is not controlled by big bank, Soros.