Wednesday, June 20, 2018

VIDEO-icymi: President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business

President Trump address illegal immigration at 3:57 

The greatest President in American history. God bless you Mr. President.
a real leader, kind and is really turning into a servant of our Father in heaven. things will be rough going just be patient and allow our president to do the job, he is up to the task given to him, the respect shown to our president has a lot to do with the success our president has had. the immigration issue is fought against because the democrats have what they want, it is a lousy way to run a government, the kids fall between the crack's and are picked off by the child traffickers who supplies the kids to the pedophiles, they go to a place for care, then are taken from the place of care, this is where they begin to slip through the crack's to the evil that awaits them. if these people come thundering up to the borders, they need refused and let border patrol do their job, which is harder now with all the crap at the wall. there is a process to get into this country, use that or go away. Canada has a leader that has sworn an oath,of loyality, an oath he has sworn not to the people of Canada, but to the queen of England. Canada now destabilized just like the left and deep state wants division, instability, and over run with these illegals to ruin the country, in order to beat countries into submission. I voice my opinion and am not afraid to do so, i get a lot of trolls, nasty comments, and negitive feelings. to them i say thank you as i know i am right track. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP MAGA
It’s really alarming that all those opposed to the president seem to just curse an threaten, no logic, scary stuff... just look at the comments Trumplican I am thankful for our POTUS 💕🇺🇸🙏
God Bless President Trump! I am so glad he is fighting for the great USA!!!!!!
Get rid of all those judges, set up boarder security.