Monday, June 25, 2018

Deliver ALL Illegals Including UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN to Their Countries US Embassies

Separate all illegals including unaccompanied children out by country then Bus/Fly them to their countries embassies in the U.S. and leave them there. Post Guards around these embassies so THEY CAN'T LEAVE unless it was by 'escorted' bus to the border or airport for departure out of the U.S.
An embassy is an extension of that country it represents... so technically, we'd be sending them home. How long do you suppose it would take these countries to STEP UP TO THE PLATE and solve the problem?
Pass a bill in the House/Senate holding the country in which an illegal crosses our borders FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for anyone entering the U.S. through our shared borders.

Deduct the costs of caring/transporting these ILLEGALS from monies earmarked as aide or from any investments they have in this country.
Again, HOW LONG do you think it would take MEXICO and other Countries to take a closer look at their borders... AND TIGHTEN THINGS UP on THEIR SIDE?