Wednesday, May 2, 2018

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Swearing-In Ceremony of the Secretary of State

Newly confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo didn't let any grass grow under his feet and had an impressive first two days on the job. Immediately after being sworn into office, he set off on a high-level diplomatic trip

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Do NOT touch President, deep state, or all hell will break loose!
amen, locked and loaded, they may it started but we will finish it! to the end! God Bless America and our President and all those that work for him and not against him!
Beginning with the Democrats for betrayal, then the bankers.
Got love how Donny puts the MSM ON THE DEFENSE and has his own newspaper using Twitter that’s gunning MSM CANT CONTROL THE narrative
Great Choice Trump 💘 Mike Pompeo doesn't Bull Shit.
Congratulations on secretary of state Mike poepeo,hope you're doing well.
OooRah Mike! We Are All Praying 4 You 👍 #GodBlessAmerica 🇺🇸 #GodBlessDonaldTrump🛐
From UK: Pompeo will do a greaat job.