Thursday, May 17, 2018

One Arizonan Will Remember AZ Sen John McCain as a Mean Spirited Vindictive Person

Image result for john mccainThis was sent to me from a person that has had firsthand experience with the vindictive John McCain. According to Karen Johnson McCain tried his best to keep her from working and earning a living.

I was so ticked when I heard the interview that nIngraham had with a couple of uniformed numbskulls, praising and extolling McCain and excusing the remarks made to exclude Trump from his pending funeral,  that I just had to share some of my experiences with McCain. My name is Karen S. Johnson and I live in Arizona and served in the Arizona legislature for 12 years back in 1996 - 2008.  As I listened to Laura on her program this evening regarding John McCain, I felt I had to share with her about this man and the actual firsthand knowledge I have had with him.  John McCain is NOT a hero!!  He is a traitor to this county and did not suffer as a POW like the other men that were captured during that terrible war.  Just ask Captain Red McDaniel (whom I spoke with at an Eagle Forum Conference privately along with Phyllis Schlafly and a few other Eagles) or a few others that were in the Hanoi Hilton with him.  Because McCain's father was an Admiral at the time of his capture, he was definitely afforded special treatment.  Ask the brave service men that served on the same aircraft carrier that McCain heedlessly flew his plane off of, ignoring the protocols set forth by the military.  He was reckless and put many other lives in danger on a continual basis.  He crashed his plane on two previous missions as well as flying into power lines on a third.  Check out the USS Forrestal Fire where 134 sailors died.

After coming home and partying and sleeping around, he divorced his wife who waited for him during the time he was serving our country and himself. He then hooked up with Cindy Hensley from Arizona and took great advantage of her family's fortune earned through her father's beer distributorship - one of the largest Anheuser busch beer distributors in the United States.
As a carpetbagger he won his first run for Congress from the district that I lived in -  in Mesa, Arizona.  In his first couple of terms he seemed to stay true to the conservative majority he represented BUT after being elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986, replacing our retired Senator Barry Goldwater, he continued to serve himself throughout including  his problems with the Keating Five and associated himself with the likes of  the despicable editor of the Arizona Republic newspaper as well as the Phoenix Gazette, Duke Tully.  As a major force with the Phoenix Forty (the ruling class that ran Arizona), McCain did all within his power to remove an honest man with integrity who won the governorship of Arizona in 1986, Evan Mecham.
I personally know all of this because I worked for Governor Mecham during the short time (1 year and 3 months) he was "allowed" to serve as Governor.  I distinctly remember being in a meeting with Governor Mecham when McCain came into the room with his entourage and literally threatened the Governor about the need to have Arizona celebrate a Martin Luther King PAID holiday.  I was young (and naive) and spoke up to McCain about not speaking to the Governor "that way".  Talk about an excoriating look that could kill from McCain. 
I never thought more about it until Mecham was impeached and I went on to work for a man that was the Chairman of the Maricopa Board of Supervisor's, Tom Freestone.  McCain actually called Tom and demanded that he NOT hire me.  Thank goodness Tom thought it was funny and did not comply. 
A few years later, when Tom retired, I went to work for David Schweikert (who is now a Congressman from Arizona) who was the Republican majority whip at the Arizona House.  I served as his assistant.  Once again McCain called him to demand he not hire me but fortunately David was his own man and hired me anyway.  After David left the House to run for Congress the first time, I went to work for Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Guess what, McCain called Arpaio and told him not to hire me as his legislative liaison on Criminal justice and Law Enforcement issues to the Arizona legislature.  You may know Joe a little, but no one tells Joe what to do.  Ha! 
It was after that that I ran Pat Buchanan's first campaign for President in Arizona and a few years later I ran Ron Paul's Arizona campaign for President.  I am relaying the last bit to you in hopes it will let you know I am not a kook but a real person that knows John McCain and the evil man that he is and has been much of his life.
 Think Manchurian candidate!  The man has done great damage to Arizona and as to winning his last run in 2016, I have yet to find a Republican that voted for him.  Vote fraud, you bet!  The true Constitutional Republicans in Arizona KNOW John McCain is a fake, a traitor and worst "un=american".  Check out the recent picture of McCain with the ISIS rebels in the Middle East - shame, shame!
 Please, please do not give him accolades and shower him with praise for being completely self-serving and a traitor to our beloved country.