Monday, May 14, 2018

Not ONE DEMOCRAT Attended Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, GOP Senators Slam Democrats For Skipping Embassy Opening. 14 Republicans Attended But Not One Democrat.
Not a single Democratic Party lawmaker attended the official inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem today.
“That is a sad, sad manifestation. I wish he’d have every member of Congress here,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Monday morning in Jerusalem.
“I don’t know why the Democrats chose not to come. Every member of Congress had an invitation before them to come and be here."

Cruz is currently in Israel as member of a delegation of four US senators — all from the GOP.
The other senators were Mike Lee (UT), Dean Heller (NV) and Lindsay Graham (SC).
Congressman Joe Wilson (SC) also led a delegation of 10 Republican lawmakers to Israel.
Wilson said he “opened his delegation to any member of Congress who wanted to come.”
He cited “people involved in the process” as saying the Democratic leadership in Congress “blocked its members” from attending the embassy opening.

Cruz also said. “It is worrisome that the fallout of President Obama’s Iran deal is that more and more we’re seeing a divide among partisan lines. It’s not good for Israel, it’s not good for America.” 
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