Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Martha McSally Republican in Arizona's Senate race is being funded by prominent Never Trumpers

Senator Martha McSally HAS FLIPPED Since becoming a candidate to replace outgoing Jeff Flake now says she supports Trump agenda even though she wouldn't support him in Presidential race.Image result for martha mcsally
Billionaire investor and top GOP donor Paul Singer has long promoted McSally, pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into her campaigns through his investment firm and political groups, including Winning for Women.
Singer — an aggressive anti-Trumper— was also behind funding for Fusion GPS, the research firm that produced the salacious dossier concerning alleged ties between Trump's campaign and Russia. The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative online news outlet funded by Singer, paid the firm to dig up dirt on multiple candidates, including Trump, during the 2016 primary elections.
Republican Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona is likely the strongest candidate to run against a centrist Democrat in the contest for retiring Sen. Jeff Flake's seat.
But McSally, the establishment favorite, was critical of Trump until she announced her candidacy and has long been bankrolled by Never Trumpers.
Her flip-flop on Trump and tack to the right on policy reflect the complicated politics of the GOP in 2018.
Republican Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona could play a key role in preventing a Democratic takeover of the Senate in November.
The former Air Force fighter pilot is leading in the polls (and in fundraising) against her two GOP primary opponents in the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, whose sustained criticism of the president made his reelection likely impossible.
But McSally has taken tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from prominent Never Trumpers and has a long history of criticizing the president, whom she refused to endorse in 2016.
Even as she has embraced Trump and moved right on key policy issues — most notably immigration— since announcing her candidacy, the sources of McSally's campaign cash reflect the complicated nature of this purple state battle.