Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Arizona Senator John McCain Tells Us To "Go To Hell"

American Post-Gazette
Arizona’s very senior senator, John McCain, is not going “gently into that good night.” No, he is as feisty as ever. But, as usual, not in a good way. His latest comments and insults include telling every Trump supporter, in fact, anyone with good taste and a sense of right and wrong, that they should “Go to hell” if they don’t like the fact that he would again, if given the chance, turn over a fake Russian dossier about Donald Trump to the FBI. No surprise. The self-proclaimed maverick of the Republican Party has never been shy about his disdain for anyone who disagrees with him. After all, according to a liberal opinion writer at the Washington Post (are there any other kind?), John McCain is the “single greatest political leader of our time.”

Sorry, not buying it; not for a second; not for this “time” or any time.

This isn’t about John McCain the father. No doubt he is a good, loving father and his children should honor that with respect, love and loyalty, as Meghan McCain certainly does, almost to a fault. This isn’t about John McCain the husband. No doubt he has been loyal to his wife, Cindy (the same can’t be said about his first wife, but . . .). And this isn’t even about John McCain’s military service, even though his entire political career was built on that hero worship foundation. (Any man or woman who puts on the uniform of the United States military and puts himself or herself in harm’s way is worthy of at least a portion of hero status.) No, this is not about any of that. This is about John McCain the politician.

For the past 30-plus years, John McCain has been the go-to-guy liberals in Congress and the media have gone to whenever they want to poke conservatives in the eye. And Sen McCain is always willing to be quoted. He speaks like a conservative back here in Arizona (“Build the dang fence.” “Obamacare is outrageous.”) but votes for amnesty (Gang of Eight) and against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. No one will forget the circus atmosphere of the entire U.S. Senate waiting breathlessly for Sen McCain to cast the last vote which would decide the repeal or not of the abomination we know as Obamacare. Rising from his sick bed, he enters the hallowed hall of the Upper Chamber, strides to the front, holds out his right hand like a little Caesar at a Roman gladiator contest ready to give a thumbs up for repeal or a thumbs down to keep the atrocity going. Dramatically, he hesitates . . . then gives it a thumbs down. Obamacare is saved for the masses. Pure pandering; pure theater; pure self-promotion. Yes, that is pure hypocrisy. And it’s certainly not great political leadership. It’s the opposite—it’s political cowardice.

The irony is Sen McCain is loved by the left, in particular the media, only when he slams his fellow Republicans, especially conservatives. But when Sen McCain ran against the left’s little messiah, Barack Obama, for president, the media, like spawns of Satan, turned on him. And he didn’t’ fight back. He cowered. He capitulated. He simply gave up. When supporters tried to get him to go after Sen Obama, his response was a weaselly, “Oh, Senator Obama isn’t so bad.” Well, yes, he was, as we so unfortunately discovered for eight years. And now, Sen McCain has the audacity to claim we were better off with Pres Obama than we are with Pres Trump.

Sen McCain hates Donald Trump; that is obvious. And he is doing everything he can to undermine a duly elected president. Whatever his intentions, his reasons, he is not showing great leadership. This is not statesmanship. As Sen McCain nears the end of his career and the end of his life, you would think he would be more circumspect, more kind, more wanting to make amends, more forgiving. But he's not. He is demonstrating his animus, his bitterness, his vindictiveness, and his lack of character. Telling everyone who disagrees with him to “Go to hell” is indicative of that.
I read on several FaceBook posts a great comment that I will quote here: “Is this is a strongly worded request, or is McCain inviting you to join him?”

Respectfully submitted,
J. Madison
Disarm the people—that is the best way to enslave them.
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May 15, 2018