Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rod Rosenstein and Wife Conflicted Have Represented The Clinton's, Mueller,Obama and FBI VIDEO

Rosenstein and Wife have represented Hillary Clinton 17 times, Bill Clinton 40 times, Barack Obama 45 times, Robert Mueller three times and on five occasions, the FBI. Represented William J Clinton 98 Cv 01459 TPJ 06-11-1998 PACER Accessed May 22 2017.

Rod Rosenstein’s wife is Clinton attorney
Shows Conflict of interest DOJ Rod Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian and Rod Rosenstein was on the prosecution team that fully exonerated Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater scandal (and both Clintons in the Travelgate and Filegate scandals). Shortly after Rod Rosenstein cleared Hillary, his wife represented Bill Clinton in a 1998-99 civil case in federal court. 2017 05 22 Lisa Barsoomian. Lisa Barsoomian, is a Washington Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) attorney. She is a protégée of R. Craig Lawrence, whose law firm defends clients, all Democrats, against FOIA requests.