Monday, April 30, 2018

President Trump Weekly Address 4/27/18 Video


Thanks Mr. President for the PROGRESS TOWARDS TRUE PEACE in the Korean Peninsula!
Good morning best president ever , thank you for helping the American people we truly appreciate what you are doing ! Looking forward to seeing that beautiful wall go up in Texas !
Thank you Mr. President for be an amazing leader to our country and as well as to other countries. You have my vote in 2020🇺🇸❤️! Btw, I knew there was never any Russian collusion - nothing but a witch hunt!
Big Pharma is the biggest Pusher Pres. Trump! Start with them
Bendiciones a Trump 🙏🏻
Maga trump! 2020 Best president ever in U.S History!
Thank you Trump for being instrumental in ending the Korean War! MAGA!
Thank you, Mr. President.
God bless you, President Trump, Stay strong against all the evil in the swamp, Patriots are with you!
Killing the Deep State! Great book by Jerome Corsi explaining what is happening with the Great Awakening! Keep up the FANTASTIC job cleaning up the corruption and scum bag pedophiles that the MSM protect!
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