Friday, April 27, 2018

Migrant Caravan Will Try to Cross U.S. Border-Will They Be Turned Back or Arrested

Migrant Caravan Readies to Cross U.S. BorderTrump plays to his base on Central American migrant caravan — few will ever reach the US
An estimated 380 Central American migrants seeking asylum in the United States are nearing the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico, and plan to cross into California (AP) as early as Sunday. The group comprises mostly women and children.
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warned migrants in the activist-organized caravan that they will be liable to prosecution (Hill) if they enter the country illegally or make false immigration claims. Nielsen also said they should first seek asylum in Mexico. Caravan members have said they are fleeing drug violence and political persecution (Reuters) in their home countries.
"It's legal for immigrants to turn themselves in to authorities and ask for asylum. But in recent days, U.S. officials have issued a number of statements warning the approaching caravan, suggesting that even though authorities will evaluate any asylum claims once the caravan arrives, they're eyeing migrants in this group with suspicion," Leyla Santiago, Khushbu Shah, and Catherine E. Shoichet write for CNN.
"It is difficult for Central Americans to receive asylum in the U.S. based solely on generalized violence in their countries, although sometimes U.S. courts have interpreted gang violence as a form of social persecution directed at children, teenagers, or women," Elizabeth Oglesby writes for the Hill.
"Militarizing the border now sounds suspiciously like a ploy to energize Trump's base before the midterm elections rather than a sound response to an actual problem," Elaine Kamarck writes for the Brookings Institution.