Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mexico Wants Clarification In Regard To Troops On Border

Mr. Caso is Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico posted on Twitter and asked for clarification from US in regard to troops on the Mexican border.
Trump’s answer needs to include the following:
 The Troops will be led and properly armed and equipped, with ROE's ( rules of engagement) that allow them to defend themselves and our country.
Will be authorized to return fire, to wherever it originates.
Arms should include the following to meet any contingency:  7.62x51, .50BMG, 40mm, 81mm, M67 etc.
AH-64's stationed close and on call.  

Mexico has asked the US, through official channels, to clarify the announcement of @ POTUS on the use of the army at the border. The government of Mexico will define a position based on this clarification, and always in defense of our sovereignty and national interest.